Local to Legend

What if I told you that you're a legend and you didn't even know it? 😁

What if I told you that there is a framework that would help you easily expand your audience, your offerings, and your money?

The people who participate in our Local to Legend program started small: local photographer, direct sales consultant, sales coach...

Our clients have very different backgrounds and offerings, but they all shared one thing in common. They wanted more. They were done playing small.

They wanted to reach more people.
They wanted to diversify their revenue streams.
They wanted more marketshare and mindshare.

Most of our Local to Legend clients think they want more customers from their community, but what they really want is to build a brand that reaches beyond their city limits. They're ready to play big... we give them the confidence, the tools, and the support to do it.

In 90 days. 

diversify your income, ramp up your revenue, BUILD your legacy



Hey there, local business owner!

So, what's it
all about?

Local to Legend is a done with you program, built and managed in Trello.

It’s like an online course and a marketing agency had a baby.

We give you EVERYTHING you need to expand your business in individual Trello boards AND customized strategies, ideas, and step-by-step videos based on your business goals. 

Ok I think I get it but what is Trello?!

Girl where have you been! Trello is a project management tool that keeps you organized af. We design it like an online course with a module (a Trello board) and lessons (Trello notes) where you can leave comments, drop videos (we are obsessed with Loom!), and keep things on track with deadlines.

Ok but back to the program...

After supporting hundreds of local business owners through an online course, we realized the MOST value they got was through asking personalized questions on our weekly calls. Oftentimes courses are great but it’s hard to hone in on your unique offering. 

We give you literally everything you need to become the legend you wish to be (and probably already are, we just need to get you set to shine!).


“So you’ll teach me how to build my email list?” Yup!

“You’ll help me create automations to bring in repeat business?” Ohhh hell yes. 

“You’re going to help me create an online course?” We’ve got everything you need to know when it comes to educating your audience 😁

“You’ll really show me how to make more money?” It’s kind of what we excel at.

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